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protection is on the docket with MinIO's new Immutability badge from @veeam@twitter.com - read more about how MinIO is uniquely suited to this thorny issue: hubs.ly/H0t4b8C0 @veeamready@twitter.com

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MinIO's @_aead_@twitter.com will go deep on our new Key Encryption Service in this webinar for architects and leaders. , distributed + designed to be run inside it is perfect for cloud-native applications: min-5728672.hs-sites.com/kes-w

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Habe diverse Root-Server bei , die bis Anfang/ Mitte September bezahlt sind, gegen kleinen Obulus, abzugeben. Bei Interesse einfach melden. Idealerweise schon Netcup-Kunden:

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For our birthday, we are giving away 3 Home Server installations for those who are with @Nextclouders@twitter.com 😊

Professional editing features including Compare documents, new content controls, and mobile web editors.

For 10 users maximum!

RT to enter, results on July 13

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The talented @CormacJHogan@twitter.com of @VMware@twitter.com's office explains how to employ @projectvelero@twitter.com for snapshot backups to MinIO. hubs.ly/H0rn6XW0

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Alle Lampen an und los gehts mit der Aufzeichnung zum Thema NAS Backup für die 2020 am 22. Juni. Noch nicht angemeldet? Hier schnell anmelden:

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Interested in spinning up complete VMware vSphere 7 / NSX-T 3.0 lab environments that leverage things like VDS 7.0 and Tier-0 BGP routing? Check out github.com/rutgerblom/vsphere- and witness the power of automating with Ansible. @LuisChanu@twitter.com @rutgerblom@twitter.com

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Hear from a panel of Veeam customers about what’s next in the space at 2020, now online and FREE! ow.ly/CKLS50zSQPx

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Warum werden neue vServer bei im Bereich bereitgestellt, wo es offiziell bestätigte Perfromance-Probleme gibt?

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Presseanfragen seit Freitag zum Thema Öffnung von Kitas und Schulen: Null. Presseanfragen zum Thema : 26. Sprecher Kai Schulz: "Anstatt 20 Millionen Bundestrainern haben wir jetzt anscheinend 20 Millionen Virologen…."

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The Container Service Extension 2.6.0 release went GA last week, which introduces the CSE UI Plugin for VMware Cloud Director! Now tenant users can provision Kubernetes clusters directly through the VCD tenant portal! Blog post here: mannimal.blog/2020/04/13/intro

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New blog post: Cleanup unused share in @Veeam@twitter.com Backup & Replication. See blog post for more details:

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