How can we store characters so players own a copy of their data?
I've built a proof of concept for storing character data in rooms. The player get invited to the room and additionally proves ownership of a character by being a member of the room.

Join my talk on 2nd Feburary to learn more:

is an annual video game jam. A friend and I are building an advanced version of Asteroids.
We wanted to make a game with vector graphics only, mimicking retro games. Our first idea was to use tanks for slow combat, but the jam's theme is Space, so we adapted our plans.
Until the submission on September 13, I'll be posting some updates here.

Try the prototype:

This Saturday at 10:15 CEST (Germany) I'll be giving a Matrix Community Update at in German. It's a free online event for all things Open Source.

Join me in the Matrix Dev Room this Saturday and Sunday to learn about Matrix, its recent updates and how to take ownership of your online chats.

The time has come! This weekend we will organize Matrix Dev-Room at FrOSCon (virtual) with many interesting lectures! The conference is free! Take a look at the plan (room C120 and HS4) and come over (!

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Another use case for my archival software will be to publish checksums of trusted (or untrusted) data. Think of it as hosted SHA256 files – searchable and with more attributes.

Found a piece of software from an untrusted source? Search for its checksum and you may find that someone indexed it as an official release.

Want to verify you and a friend abroad are getting the same downloads from an HTTP endpoint? Share and compare the lists without having to exchange files.

My favourite project at the time is an archive software. It allows me to index folders or entire hard drives – storing file names, sizes, checksums and media attributes.
When finished, files can be searched for, tagged, moved or marked for deletion without the need to connect the hard drive.

Hi, my name is Christian 'jaller94' Paul, I moved to in 2019 and I'm a bridge developer / at Element.
Most code I write is , which I think is important to bring humanity forward, without making people reliant on proprietary software services.

I mainly post about my hobby projects and occasionally about Matrix/Element news I personally find interesting.

It's strange that we are solving the problem that people use the same passwords everywhere, by replacing passwords with unrevokable biometrics, that *have* to be the same everywhere to work.

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Mastodon ist ein soziales Netzwerk. Es basiert auf offenen Web-Protokollen und freier, quelloffener Software. Es ist dezentral (so wie E-Mail!).