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is coming back to looks like. Am I just blind or all these comments are posted by bots on this post, none of them seem to realise that they rephrased CSAM to "Communication Safety"

ICYMI: now lets you share your secrets with *anyone* 🎉 (even if they don't have a 1Password account)

in the end, after the licensing update from Docker, more Docker Desktop alternatives have started popping up like mushrooms lately, let's see what's coming next, who knows, maybe we'll find the winner that has better cross-platform support

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Disabled their kubectl integration since it was really buggy, always complaining that it lost connection to the cluster, but once that was replaced it just worked perfectly. You can do the same stuff you'd normally do with docker commands. Now, about the arm64 integration, I actually found out that support for that is on the way if you wanna subscribe to the thread and upvote it so it gains more traction 😉

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next stop: Rancher Desktop . The project is quite good, I've tried it on Intel, they use nerdctl now to hook into containerd and it works quite well! Only issue I encountered during the installation was the binary conflicts, already had kubectl and helm installed and it was complaining about them, but after removing them from my $PATH it started spinning.

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now I've been looking for alternatives since their hunger for 💰 became much bigger and couldn't say that I found something that satisfies all architectures. I've bumped initially into Portainer which works well with Intel based, but support for was not implemented yet

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In case you haven't heard, guys at Docker updated their licensing since 31 Aug '21
🧵 ...

Looks like Mr. Zuck forgot to pay his Internet bill

IETF people are working on a new RFC now regarding "DNS over Dedicated QUIC Connections"

you can check the 4th draft version proposed on

really curious to see how this'll look in the end 👏

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