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DigitalOcean says customer billing data accessed in data breach

What was accessed: customer billing names and addresses were accessed, as well as the last four digits of the payment card, its expiry date and the name of the card-issuing bank

@Mastodon hey guys, do you have any updates on the iOS app? 😊

recruiters started to add the “corona phrasing” in their texts, shit just got real

's hosting their "Spring Loaded" event on 20th April @ 19:00 CEST. Most rumoured products to be presented are the , an and revamp and some other bits that these guys compiled

Also, if you open the event page from an /#iPad and tap on the event doodle, you'll experience some AR magic ✨

Love the initiative, I hope it gains more and more traction , you go girls :)

being actively abused to mine cryptocurrency on GitHub servers

Now if this isn't creative ... come on, you gotta appreciate the ingenuity; make some l00t while building a pipeline

Running Linux/Windows VM on  MacBook Air M1 guide shows how to setup a minimal dev env

If you look for the tool he used to spin those VM's it's , and this is how you can configure it afterwards to boot a Ubuntu VM

The wiki from GitHub is pretty much everything you need to get started, gl&hf

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