So now when you do a simple search, you get back 4 ads and THEN the actual content... 🤦‍♂️

Thank you Google for being the best Ad-sharing platform /s

Same goes for , which now has become the no. 1 platform to see Ads (unless you use with enabled)

joe: “sooo, what did you do today?”
PhilipsHue: “meh… fixed 10+ bugs”
such worthless messages from these apps … 😂

so I just wanted to try out Ulysses ( and create a note for the sake of it, right after downloading it.
After closing/skipping the payment popup numerous times I finally got it: you can’t create any note if you’re trying the app, you need to pay, fool!
That sums up my experience with Ulysses (trial version)

the mobile app lacks the option to flip between federated timeline and local one 🥲

announced its upcoming 6/Pro this fall

The new thing about it is Google's custom-designed Tensor SoC created especially for these phones. Why they went with the Tensor SoC? because they want to process AI & ML models directly on the phones which will bring improvements to camera technology, speech recognition and more.

The latest redesign was quite cool from , it’s a pity that the herd started saying it sucks just because a bunch of influencers said so, people should have their own opinion 🤦‍♂️

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Next week we're going to get to the creation of the App Store assets/copy so I guess the release of the app is creeping ever so closer

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I've updated the design and the copy of the apps page a bit to include some information about the #iOS app. What do you think?

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