@Tutanota do you offer the ability for clients to configure IMAP/POP on their end? Would be a really nice to have :blobcatlook:

Teardown of the AirPods Pro (2. Gen) y.com.sb/watch?v=WsxHWKJA7ig

A few minutes of shaming them due to their unrepairdness, all there is to it, but at least they have Adaptive Focus Mode

"How we reduced our annual server costs by 80% — from $1M to $200k — by moving away from AWS"


I gotta say, it's interesting how they planned the migration. Kudos to that bros if you had a shit-ton of stateful apps and really high-loads of data to move, that's what I call a real challenge. Moving bunch of over-provisioned stateless apps from cloud to on-prem is just a piece of cake to be honest.

substack.com is the future medium.com

You can read blog posts for free now, but wait for it, the paywall is coming

@thunderbird is looking for a good #PeerTube instance for hosting their videos.

I'm not too used to peertube right now, any recommendations from the #foss community? I like that Thunderbird would like to use peertube :)


Are there any PeerTube instances you recommend? We don't have the resources (read: time) to host our own right now.

made an ios shortcut for my wife, each time she opens instagram volume drops to 30%; my ears are thankful

We worked with #Midjourney AI to create some stunning 16:9 desktop wallpapers inspired by the Thunderbird logo. (Plus, one inspired by our friends at Firefox too.)

And now they're yours. If you love them, share them!

here’s a fun fact on :

Go to Settings->Privacy->Camera

You should see here a list of apps that requested Camera access. Do you see any Apple Inc. apps there? Notes probably needs the Camera to scan a document, or even take a photo — this is just one example.

the simplest solution was to offer an alternative way of reading the news with stripped JavaScript and all data collection disabled; there’s always a way

Zeige Konversation

"hi EU users, we want your data but the law kinda blocks us from having it and we figured while you're still here, just stare at this banner instead of reading a news article"

jsonnet support is so crap nowadays -- no IDE support whatsoever apart from syntax highlighting ...

What about importing libraries? "lib/ksonnet", "lib/kube.libjsonnet" ... and many others.

IntelliJ for example has an unmaintained plugin since 2020 which you have to pay for not getting any updates(?)

VSCode only has syntax highlighting.

Cloning the library repo? Seriously...

this is not portability and dynamicity

Noch eine schöne Nachricht vor dem Wochenende: Wir begrüßen auf unserer Instanz das Bundesinstitut für Risikobewertung @bfr . Wir freuen uns schon auf die ersten Trööts 🙂 / ÖA

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