That’s a wrap! Flooring is done! Bathroom had a shit load of cuts. Glad it’s done! Celebratory midnight midweek beer!

cheers @Clifford it looks very good. is it a venyl? and how do you get hot water to the sink? is it heated electrically?

@kranfahrer Yeah, I’ve got a hot water line ran to it. We do have a hybrid hot water heater that uses a heat pump and/or electric elements depending on demand. It’s awesome! And the flooring is vinyl. It’s pretty tough stuff.


@Clifford I use the same venyl here. over 130m²🙊european industry standard. ~$35/m²

Hot water is preheated with solar and the residual heat with natural gas.

@kranfahrer omg, I laid just under 100sqm and I’m basically dead. Took a week, probably 20-30 hours maybe. That price is pretty comparable to what I paid as well in USD.

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