Feels good finally having my workspace spotless. Just gotta finish the radio and EE lab, which is halfway done and ill be good!

@kranfahrer Are we talking about the weather or are you asking about the temperature of the GPUS?

@kranfahrer Ahh ok, VERY NICE cooler you have going there. My CPU is air cooled but all 4 GPUs are water cooled. The water cooling however comes built-in and sealed with the cards so no jumps or reservoirs needed.

I'm honestly not sure what temperature they run at, all I can tell you is I have yet to find a game capable of maxing it out to the point that it thermally throttles. I'll have to check next time what they run at.

You have me seriously considering that little cooling setup you have going though, whats the brand and model?



yes, the good cooling is very important. i think, the best setup comes from 'next'.

Maybe you can make a folding test. 🙃

your machine will then work under full load and you will see problems immediately.

@kranfahrer I run this at full load all the time, just no need for it right now. It works well at full load the water cooling on the 4 gpus makes a huge difference.

If your curious how hot I can run them under load I can run a test for ya, but I have no need to do so for my self.

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