Hi, my name is Christian 'jaller94' Paul, I moved to in 2019 and I'm a bridge developer / at Element.
Most code I write is , which I think is important to bring humanity forward, without making people reliant on proprietary software services.

I mainly post about my hobby projects and occasionally about Matrix/Element news I personally find interesting.

@jaller94 Hello and welcome! Are you new to Mastodon?

I'm excited about the potential of Matrix to become a ubiquitous communications system, supplanting the current proprietary apps that most people use now. Bridges are incredibly handy there. I've been using Matrix with some friends over the last couple years. Y'all are making some cool stuff.


Hi @josias,
I've been using Mastodon for several years, however, my old home instance mastodonten.de got shut down.

I'm very thankful to be able to work on Matrix full-time. Most people in its community have this positive hacker attitude of trying to make things work and interoperate.
The protocol is attracting more and more hobby devs, professional Operations folks and institutional users which makes it both fun and useful.

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